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Spring Process In Electroplating

Electroplated zinc coating: zinc more stable in dry air, almost no change, not easy to change color. In the humid air will generate a layer of zinc oxide or carbon zinc carbonate white film. This layer of dense film prevents continued to suffer from corrosion. So for spring in the General atmospheric conditions for zinc coating anticorrosion protective layer. Contact with sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda solution, as well as work in the atmosphere of sulfur trioxide in the humid air of spring, were not suitable with zinc coating.

General coating after passivation on zinc plating, passivation coating can improve the performance and increase the surface appearance.

Cadmium plating layer: in the ocean or high temperature in the atmosphere, as well as springs in contact with sea water, 70 hot springs used in cadmium more stable, strong resistance to corrosion. Cadmium plating zinc plating bright beautiful, soft, flexible than zinc, and small hydrogen embrittlement plating, the most suitable spring cover. But scarce, expensive, and cadmium salts of cadmium toxicity and environmental pollution is very powerful. Therefore, limited in use. It mostly in the aerospace, marine and electronics industries use Spring use of cadmium plating as a protective layer.

In order to improve corrosion performance of cadmium plating, passivation treatment after plating. Zinc and cadmium plating thickness determines the level of protection. Thickness size should be selected when used according to the working environment in General, recommended zinc coating thickness in the range 6-24 m selection featured in the 6-12Dlm range of cadmium plating layer thickness selection.

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