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Size Analysis Of Corrosion Of The Spring

They are metal atoms on the surface of the springs or the result of electrons into ions. If surface metal springs only react with surrounding media, corrosion corrosion caused by spring. Oxidation in the atmosphere such as spring in particularly dry oxide film, and spring in nonelectrolyte liquid and the liquid or impurities in the liquid chemical changes, which belongs to the chemical.

Spring contact with electrolyte solution, because of the corrosion of the battery and electrochemical corrosion. For example springs in contact with acidic or saline solution, this kind of solution are electrolytes, as spring surface defects or impurities, forming different electrolytic corrosion of the electrode so that the spring constant potential difference.

Spring is chemical corrosion is small, slow, and electro-chemical corrosion is the main and universal. But generally the chemical etching and electrochemical corrosion at the same time. Spring in the process of manufacture, storage, use, and often suffer from corrosion of the surrounding medium. Because the spring is at work on the stretch play, spring is corroded elastic will change and loss of function.

So to prevent corrosion of the spring ensures job stability in the spring and extend its life. Corrosion protection method utilizing a spring, according to the nature of the protective layer can be divided into: metal coating, chemical protective layer, such as non-metallic layer of protection and temporary protection.

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