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Side Switch And The Difference Between Clip Knife

Switchblade is a kind of spring tool, is called "jumping", generally using a friction locking and manufacturing high technical content. But domestic manufacturing type tool technology is not yet mature, production category knives relatively well-known manufacturers as United States MOD micro-technology, as well as butterflies. Price cheap 3400 Yuan, better at around 5,000.

Spring knives is also a spring tool, is the so-called "jumps", similar to the ordinary knife cut method, just use the blade and hilt rotational Springs automatic pop up at the blade. This kind of tool use "shaft lock" this locking method, however this locking method in reliability and robustness for more on "soft". Quality-made dagger is to a large extent could not be guaranteed. Type tool to United States Butterfly brand best known prices at about 1500.

In comparison, jump cut, but is escalating the knives. Power jump larger than the side jump. They carry are very convenient. In addition, lateral jumps put the sword needs to use the hand blade folds into the handle; push it forward jump button is a knife blade, push and put his sword back.

To sum up, a Switchblade knife and circlip are the two knives, on certain occasions, such as the police, the people's Liberation Army as a weapon or police apparatus equipped with use. Wouldn't advise everyone to hand cuff dangerous knives in public places.

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