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Reinventing The Bicycle Wheel: Spokes Replaced By Spring

United Kingdom-inventor Sam Pierce completed a nearly impossible thing to do – to reinvent the bicycle wheel. He invented new wheels called "Loopwheel", use Spring instead of the spokes form a built-in suspension. When driving on a bumpy surface, wheels of this spring will compress, give users a smoother riding experience.

Pierce, now 44, was a mechanical engineer. His new wheels cost £ 600, will go on sale in September. In an interview, he said the effort saw a mother pushing a stroller after kids drove by Curbstone, own the idea of inventing new wheels.

Pierce noted that new wheels brings a unique riding experience. He said: "once the real ride, especially in the rubble-strewn roads, you can get smoother riding experience, the road no noise, this is the experience of riding a regular bike access. ”

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