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Main Problems Of Alloy Spring Steel

Surface quality is mainly divided into three types: is an obvious defect of rolling, folding and ear defects, as well as some scratches warping, mainly because of outdated equipment and finishing facilities caused by design and adjustments are not in place. Addition blank surface mill repair improper, produced pointed angle lattices and the concave pit designated injury, by rolling Hou also formed folding Diego defects; II is surface crack, it in steel surface is longitudinal continuous or intermittent distribution, main is due to blank remaining of crack and skin Xia defects caused of, rolling stress and the cooling improper also will produced surface crack; three is surface designated injury and the Alice skin, this and tooling conditions and the operation improper about, in package, and transport process in the also will produced scrapes. Their existence must be the origin of material failure, directly led to the fracture. But for local smaller pits and scratches, scars, skin, defects such as pitting, people are generally not paid much attention, although their presence is standard allows, will not be the main cause of failure, but their existence is definitely the weak parts of the material, material when plastic is bad, they will be cracking the breakthrough. Due to the failure of small defects have been breached or sampling is not testing to specific parts, so often ignore the factors in the failure analysis. Some quality problems surface in special steel 64 complaints accounted for 31%.

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