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Goodyear Announced That Developed Without Air "springs Tire"

According to reports, this is the new one, with 800 bearing spring "Spring Tire" than previously used in the Apollo lunar exploration vehicle (LRV) screen tire has more carrying capacity and longer range can be exercised to help Lunar Rover on the moon to explore wider borders and eventually landing development and maintenance.

"Spring tyre" installation in the United States on testing electricity Rover at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston after "Rock (Rock Yard)" successfully passed the driving test. "This kind of tyre is not only extremely durable, and very low energy consumption. "Goodyear project leader Jim Benzing explains," spring design consistent with the driving surface profile by, spring will have traction on the surface. All tire deformation energy is returned in the spring rebound. Also, it does not produce heat like a general tire. ”

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