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Flexible Spring Design Battery

The seriousness of environmental pollution for battery, trust in the society's strong advocacy of a lot of people already know, but for battery recycling has always been a problem, a lot of garbage there are recycling battery box, but to discard used batteries and few people inside, so that it's all fake. Actually we in using battery Hou, battery internal still will has must of residual power, designer Huang Kun, Meng Xun, He Ting and Liu Yuan opened brain wants to out this paragraph can narrowed of concept battery, main by has spring principle of inspired, is a wonderful of creative, battery design for can telescopic of material, dang battery power unpleasant exhausted Shi, will battery compression, with two section waste battery instead of two section using. This design has been Germany 2011 red dot design award.

Rui'an Hai'an Electromotor Ring Factory