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Flat Spiral Spring Design Procedure

Graphic scroll spring is equal cross section made of thin material around the flat spiral springs, fabrication of Planar spiral spring is simpler, less stiffness to it, generally working under static load. Due to the wind ratio can be many, drift, and can store more energy in a smaller volume. Its material cross section shape of rectangular steel or round steel wire.

Graphic scroll spring according to whether the adjacent ring contacts are divided into two categories: non-contact and contact. We design a rowing exercise machine that is suitable for home use, discussion of the more its damping scheme, finally using a hinged end of non-contact-type Planar spiral spring as the primary damper. Use achieves the desired effect.

Spiral spring design procedure, follow these steps.

The first step: choose structure type and profile;

Step two: determine the torsional stiffness of laminated and section size and torsional rigidity of torsion bar spring;

The third step: calculate the torsion angle and the cutting of laminated under stress, and according to the following formula to calculate thickness of each license.

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